SelfE Face Analysis


Where Beauty Meets AI

SelfE Face Analysis was created to empower our users through an expert analysis of their face so they can make informed decisions to maximize their appearance.

Expert Facial Analysis

SelfE is an artificial intelligence driven app trained by physicians to analyze images of a person’s face and provide in-depth personalized insights into the structure, firmness, volume and symmetry of the skin and pinpoint sun damage and age markers.

Knowledge is Power

Physicians believe the best skincare advice is to understand the structure, behavior, and ageing process of your own skin. This personalized in-depth analysis provides key information for choosing the most effective beauty, wellness and anti-ageing treatments for you.

Make informed skincare and lifestyle choices

Created by a Harvard physician, SelfE has been trained to deliver expert clinical advice on the latest cosmetic treatments, science-based skincare and offer personalized lifestyle and wellness solutions.


Face Your Future

It starts with a selfie

Users upload a selfie from their smartphone to the SelfE Face Analysis app and at the click of a button receive the same in-depth clinical analysis of their face as a professional consultation.

See your skin through a clinical lens

Detailed and intuitive visualizations give direct feedback on the primary aesthetic domains: facial volume, skin structure and firmness, the effects of sun exposure and facial symmetry. These visualizations can be interactively adjusted, and zoomed into, enabling even deeper understanding.

Beauty is personal

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to enhancing your skin and protecting it against ageing. Armed with a personalized expert analysis of your skin, SelfE offers bespoke recommendations on the most effective cosmetic treatments and skincare solutions for you to ensure maximum benefits and long-term results.

Track your skin success

Beyond empowering users to make informed decisions on the future of their face, SelfE is engineered with an inbuilt journal allowing them to monitor how their skin responds to specific treatments and beauty regimes, and track their rejuvenation and anti-ageing progress.


How we do it

Multi-phased AI and Augmented Reality: The artificial intelligence developed for SelfE consolidates its analysis to easy to understand visuals and guidance

SELFE systematically analyzes each uploaded image across a broad set of features: From fine lines… to jowls… to age markers… to facial symmetry

The results of the analysis are further processed to give in depth specific feedback and guidance.

Using the latest advances in AI to give balances and detailed information.

“The artificial intelligence trained for SelfE looks at each image from a variety of angles; making fine tuned assessments on specific facial attributes and the signs of aging and good health.